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Mental Wellbeing Program

Mental Prevention Program (MPP)

-By Revolutionise

A new approach to Mental Wellness

Studies are showing the continually rising trend in cases of Depression and Burnout

Studies are showing the continually rising trend in cases of DepresFor university students and early career professionals, ‘Mental Prevention’ is the mental fitness program that delivers an effective, personalised, and practical toolkit because it’s developed from real life experiences’sion and Burnout

It’s time to ‘Revolutionise’ yourself!


The program and its content, is designed to give useful, practical and adaptable resources to help participants integrate effective foundations for the prevention of depression or burnout into their daily lives.

What will you learn and practise during the Program? What’s the value for you as a participant? (Previous participant’s feedback)
1. Stress awareness & intervention techniques
“I feel better able to navigate stressful situations in my life, at work and at home”
2. Physical and mental rest & recovery techniques
“I now have practical resources to help ‘switch on’ & ‘switch of ’ and rest more ef ectively”
3. Emotional awareness and management
“I feel better able to recognise and manage strong emotional states in a practical, appropriate way”
4. Understanding and awareness of your values
“It helped me to re-focus on myself and my primary needs”
5. Goal setting for success
“I’ve set some concrete goals for myself”
6. Self control & consistency
“I feel more in control about the quality of my life and more optimistic about the future”

All previous participants in both pilots found the topics covered ‘Relevant’ or ‘Very Relevant’ and would recommend it to their family and friends.

Schedule a meeting with me here or email me at, to learn more about the Mental Prevention Program. or schedule a 90 minute MPP Taster & Introduction session for you and your team. I look forward to hearing from you.

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