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Depending where you look for this answer, it varies. In the 1 to 1 context, Revolutionise defines coaching as a privileged and trusted partnership, where two people work towards challenges which hinder personal growth and development. It is non-judgemental, collaborative and it’s built on mutual trust and confidentiality.

No. Coaching works differently. Although we may touch on influences from your past for reference, our focus is on the future and guiding you to a more effective, rested and more capable you.

No, we can work completely independently. Coaching can complement existing treatments or therapy you might be undergoing through your doctor or therapist. I invite you to consult them to see if it is right for you.

Before you make an investment in yourself for your healthier and brighter future, we would have a powerful coaching conversation about what is happening for you and we would work towards you finding a way forward. If, at the end of that first gifted session, either of us don’t feel that we’ve clicked in some way that would block the coaching process, there’s no obligation on us to keep going. On the other hand if we feel it’s helped and you would like to find out what it would look like if we decided to go ahead and work together, we would then have a second, separate conversation.

The frequency of coaching sessions with me is normally weekly for the first few sessions, and then fortnightly.

Just like working with a therapist or a counsellor, it’s crucial that the relationship is one where you feel comfortable to share your thoughts and feelings. Finding the right coach for you is exactly the same. Many of my clients have already worked with therapists or counsellors and have found more traction from our coaching.

The program was designed and built for university students and early career professionals, ‘Mental Wellbeing Program’ is the Mental Health promotion program that delivers an effective, personalised, and practical toolkit because it’s developed from participant’s real life experiences. Click here to book a 30 minute information call about the Program could meet your organisation’s Mental Wellbeing needs.

Not yet, but please contact your health insurance provider.

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