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Revolutionise offers individual one to one, and group coaching packages to fit your needs. 

Revolutionise serves private individuals, corporate clients and organisations.


Revolutionise offers workshops and awareness sessions serving corporate delegates in person, or virtually according to your needs.   Ranging from brief ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions to 2-Day workshops, Revolutionise is ready and able to serve your staff.  Tailor made workshops can also be designed to fit your needs as an employer. 


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It's these words which inspire me to continue serving all of my clients to the highest ethical standards.

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I founded Revolutionise because of my experience with depression. My recovery came about through therapy and engaging a life coach. As I recovered, I was able to share my story and as I did so, I realised how many people around me were experiencing the same struggles I had.

This inspired me to become a certified life coach myself and help you overcome your challenges around stress, anxiety and overwhelm to feel calmer, more energised, and confident that you’re in control again...right where you want to be.  To help you improve your life while enjoying the process through the foundations of better mental fitness, well-being and more.  ​I built Revolutionise to help you make actionable and trackable progress with awareness, action and control.

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To ensure a meaningful and effective coaching experience, it's important to 'click' with your coach, whoever that might be. 

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