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It's time to 'Revolutionise' yourself!

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What I offer

Stress Awareness Moderation

Stress Awareness & Moderation

Awareness is key if you’re to manage and moderate stress effectively. What’s your default when it comes to stress? For how long do you stay stressed? What’s the effect of your stress reaction?



How’s your ability to focus at the moment? Studying, working, home life, being with friends. This is all about presence without distraction so that you can do your thing well.


Performance Development

What would you like to improve and why? There’s good news: It doesn’t have to come at the expense of your mental wellbeing because you don’t have to burn out in the process.

Rest Recovery

Rest & Recovery

Without effective rest & recovery, it won’t be long before you experience the effects of burnout. Spoiler alert! It’s NOT all about sleep.

Gareth Maxwell

— Mental Wellbeing Coach

Our state of Mental Wellbeing affects how we think, feel and act. When your Mental Wellbeing isn’t where it could be, we experience overwhelm, overload, poor sleep, burnout or depression. I help people take constructive, practical and preventative measures before these situations become serious enough to need the help of a Doctor, Counsellor or a Therapist. I help people stay well and stay mindful.

Virtual Coaching
In-Person Coaching
Workshops and Seminars
Wellbeing Program


It's time to 'Revolutionise' yourself!


8 Session

  • Initial assessment
  • Structured personalised program
  • Regular check-in via Private Messenger
  • Total of 8 x 60-minute 1 to 1 themed coaching sessions


12 Session

  • All of Foundation, plus
  • Destination definition
  • Application of the ‘6A’ methodology
  • Parallel promotion and maintenance of your mental wellbeing
  • Post session follow up email
  • Total of 12 x powerful 60-minute 1 to 1 coaching conversations with your chosen focus


24 Session

  • All of Progression, plus
  • Unique future vision definition
  • Ad hoc contact between sessions
  • Total of 26 x 60-minute 1 to 1 coaching conversations with your chosen focus


I can help you and your team to take action and step towards improving the individual wellbeing of your employees.

Lunch & Learn

40-50 minute information session around stress awareness and intervention.

Rest. Refresh. Reset.

Half-day interactive workshop centred around effective rest and recovery techniques.

Deep Dive

Full-day interactive workshop to integrate the foundations of mental wellbeing using experience based learning.

Focus Concentration


I decided to work with Gareth after he was recommended by a friend. I had no clear sense of direction in life and was searching for a purpose. Additionally, I had to navigate through some family issues that required my attention and resolution. I placed my trust in him because I had known him previously and was familiar with his work and character. He gave me his undivided attention, listened attentively and provided me with practical tips to incorporate into my daily life. Furthermore, he was available whenever needed, extending beyond the confines of our scheduled sessions. He is really good at listening and you can totally trust him. Your worries are safe with him, and he'll do his best to help you out in the way that works best for you. I came out of our coaching partnership having learned to be gentler with myself, to integrate mindfulness into my daily routine, and to break down my emotional barriers/wall.

Anonymous Ms C.

Gareth is a very open minded and thoughtful life coach where you feel you are on the same level to talk about personal topics. The openness and all the very good inputs that Gareth gave me for my further path in life is what I liked most about working with Gareth. Since working with Gareth, I am more resilient, I’ve been able to adapt better in my relationship and I’m less dependent on people around me. I’ve learned to focus more on myself. I would recommend Gareth to anyone.

Anonymous Mr A

Gareth has great listening skills and practical yet personal recommendations. Simply put, the recommendations were exactly what I needed and they worked! I've found new motivation and energy, despite the dark and cold weather.

Ms E. Sullivan

I was struggling to re-engage with being back in Basel after helping my family. Fear that no-one would understand my lonely place or my toral obsession with work stopped me from seeking support sooner, but I felt that Gareth understood me better as we had been friends, trust is hard, to be able to cry in front of someone I knew made it easier. I trusted Gareth from the first day I met him. I couldn't think of anyone else to ask. Our similar interests in Rugby always gave me a fall back position that no other life coach here could understand. Gareth was honest, he challenged me and helped me understand that I’m not a failure. He helped me through the most difficult 2 years of my life. Always kind, when I was not to myself. The best and most honest coach. Tough on me when I needed it. The only person who could talk me through panic attacks. Without him I dread to think how low I could have been. I never felt alone and have come through my experience with positivity, acceptance of life and health.

Ms R Will

I was feeling like life was happening around me and I didn’t understand why I didn’t feel happy. I liked the way Gareth worked with me to identify areas to focus on and to suggest tools to help me change the outcome. I’m happier, more confident and I sleep so much better, working with Gareth was truly transformational. Can not recommend the service highly enough. I now feel part of life again and excited for the future.

Ms D. Hughes

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The most popular questions to discuss mental health

Depending where you look for this answer, it varies. In the 1 to 1 context, Revolutionise defines coaching as a privileged and trusted partnership, where two people work towards challenges which hinder personal growth and development. It is non-judgemental, collaborative and it’s built on mutual trust and confidentiality.

No. Coaching works differently. Although we may touch on influences from your past for reference, our focus is on the future and guiding you to a more effective, rested and more capable you.

No, we can work completely independently. Coaching can complement existing treatments or therapy you might be undergoing through your doctor or therapist. I invite you to consult them to see if it is right for you.

The frequency of coaching sessions with me is normally weekly for the first few sessions, and then fortnightly.

The program was designed and built for university students and early career professionals, ‘Mental Wellbeing Program’ is the Mental Health promotion program that delivers an effective, personalised, and practical toolkit because it’s developed from participant’s real life experiences. Click here to book a 30 minute information call about the Program could meet your organisation’s Mental Wellbeing needs.

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I can help you reduce the effects of stress, anxiety and overwhelm so that you can find your way forward again.