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Would you invest just one hour a day for 5 days to learn

how to get back on course to achieving the life you want?

To get a good night sleep, wake feeling rested with a capacity to

proactively approach your day and win?

To learn how to find the direction of your life, for it to be clear, knowing

what to do next and to track you progress so you can stay on course?

Not only that, but to apply the tools and resources again and again

to any part of your life in the future whenever you need to?


The Better Mental Wellness LIVE Online workshop

enables you to do all that.

See you there!

Better Mental Wellness

The next date for this workshop is yet to be confirmed.

Watch this space!

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I facilitate group workshops attended by private individuals and corporate workshops when requested.  The Better Mental Wellness LIVE Online Workshop is dedicated to people who want to get clear about how to foster better mental health through awareness, action and control.

Don’t be afraid, don’t put it off, seeking help is not something to be ashamed of, you should be proud that you want a better and happier you!

Mr M. Whitely


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