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coaching package: Progression

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What's the Focus of this Package?​

It’s time to act and get you moving towards achieving your significant life goals. The aim of progression is to help you uncover, define a direction and work towards your goals.

Is this the right package for you?

This Coaching Package can help you if you:

  • Feel Tired all the time

  • Experience mood swings

  • Lack energy and motivation

  • Feel like you should be further along in life by now, but you don’t know what’s holding you back

  • Feel like there’s a lot on your plate or your head’s just above the water all the time

WHAT Does the package include?

  • 12 sessions of 1-to-1 coaching (one-hour sessions)

  • Decision of Online Coaching or in person Coaching

  • Daily contact with your Coach (morning check-ins)

  • Progress Tracking throughout Coaching

  • Creation and fostering of new habits to improve overall wellbeing

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