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My Story

I'm Gareth,

Like many people, I have experienced a few life changing events over the years and instead of dealing with the associated thoughts and emotions when they came up, I suppressed them.  I was afraid of confrontation too and that didn't help matters.  By November 2019, a combination of ignorance, arrogance, shame and guilt led me to what felt like a deep, dark hole.  It was horrible! I felt tired, worn out, ashamed, guilty, emotionally numb, I had no motivation...

I even considered suicide.  This ‘place’ is called Major Depression.

With therapy, I learned about what contributed to my condition and began to work towards my recovery.  I also learned that, even though I felt alone, I wasn't.  As I began to learn more about depression, what it is and how it affects people, I learned that mental illness is an area of growing concern and has been for decades.

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As my therapy progressed, I felt the need for more structure and traction so I engaged a Life Coach to compliment and assist my journey towards recovery.  I found that it helped me so much that I felt called to become a Life Coach myself.  Experiencing the emotional turmoil of depression and recovering, I realised that I was left with a strength and confidence to be able to talk about it, to share it with people so that it will encourage people to get support. 

Since my recovery, I am driven to do all that I can to help you avoid the effects of stress, anxiety and overwhelm in the first place by helping you find more enjoyment in life.  That's why I became a Life Coach and founded Revolutionise because I want you to enjoy your life and thrive like I am now.


Being someone’s coach is a privilege and a responsibility which I don’t take lightly.  It's my passion and strength to develop others, my calling to help you gain control and keep it.

I look forward to supporting you on the next step of your journey.

Stay Well, Stay Mindful.



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